Price List © Excellent PC Repair, LLC 2010. Site Admin : Sam  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 Excellent PC Repair will replace your LCD Screen for $50.00 Plus Parts!  Excellent PC Repair will replace your motherboard for a flat rate of $75.00 plus parts. We will fix your motherboard, rather than replace it, which will save you money. Let us try and fix your computer instead of throwing it away. We have tool to repair motherboards. Excellent PC Repair will get your Laptop/PC up and running again by removing virus for a flat rate of $45. You may need a new/additional hard drive if: - You need additional space - Blue-screen or Disk-errors - Computer freezes or very slow. Excellent PC repair will setup, configure, and Secure your home networks. - Wireless/Wired set up up to three computers. - Set up file and print sharing on each computer - Laptop shuts itself off - When you wiggle the power cord,                             Power LED lights start flick-ring - Battery will not charge - Laptop is not charging/dead when AC     adapter is plugged in. If your computer is running slower than you would like it to, you may need more RAM (Random Access Memory) Please give us a call at: 612-454-0977 OR 612-986-6443 Email us at : 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Replace LCD Screen  $40.00 + Parts Replacement of Motherboard  $75.00 + Parts Motherboard Repair  $75.00  Virus/spy-ware Removal  $45.00 Hard drive installation We will back up your Data If you bring storage media  $50.00 Wired/Wireless Network set-up $75.00 Software/RAM - (NOT Operating System) Installation $20-30  Replace or Repair Power Jack $50.00 - $75.00  Please call or email us for more service and price detail 7 8 9 Call us at 612-454-0977 TEXT@ 952-923-8499  Email us at :
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